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Craig "Tay" Patrick (owner):
After the passing of his father in 2010, Tay decided that, in honor of his father, he would get out of the towing business and do something that his dad loved to do, 'maintain his yard'.  So, after handing over his resignation to his employer in 2011, shortly thereafter, Tay took his father's truck and began cutting grass for five homeowners.  One of which, was his aunt.  And as the year went on and word-of-mouth advertising and the placement of a few printed advertisements with a coupon attached, Tay realized that he had to upgrade his equipment.  He also realized that this was a very profitable business and a very rewarding one, to say the least.  By the fall of 2011, Tay knew that he would have to come back and cut grass the following spring, 2012.  His customer-base grew and so did his reputation and confidence in becoming a business owner and operator.  Now, he has his own website and is looking to take on some commercial accounts by the start of next spring.
About The Lawn Barber
"The Lawn Barber" was founded by Craig "Tay" Patrick, in the early spring of 2011.  This is a company that cares about their community, the quality of their work, and a company that cares about what their customer wants.  We take pride in what we do and we strive to give our best, as our work is our personal touch.  Your lawn is treated and cared for like our own.  Quality is our signature!  Satisfaction is our guarantee!  That is why we say, "Professional care, at an amateur's price".  We are a small company that is able and willing to provide the personal care and necessary time to manage your lawn in ways that the larger companies cannot and we care enough to take the time to treat your lawn properly, unlike most other companies who just cut-n-go.    

"The Lawn Barber" is family-owned and operated right here in Richmond, Virginia.  Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch. 

Remember, Quality is our signature!  Satisfaction is our guarantee!
Click here for Professional care at an amateur's price.
Committed to helping our customers achieve the maximum beauty that lies beneath their soil.

"Quality is our signature!"
"Satisfaction is our guarantee!"
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